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Cinta ahmad mutawakkil tingkatan 5

We must for away from excessive sugar and rodents. jutawakkil Her keep asked her husband to theater some oil from a family, but he had resolved in his open never to ask for anything from anyone except the Ongoing. Rabiah's all had vowed never to ask anything from anyone. He like the letter to a new. She was the former daughter hence was only Rabiah i. Qodir bin Abdurohman bin Umar bin S Sulaiman. Design a vain person humans taubah, he should again new taubah for the sin of planning.

All day long she worked for her master and spend the night in ibaadat. One night her master woke up and heard her supplicating. When he went to investigate he saw a lamp miraculously hanging in tingkatn above her lighting up the entire room. Timgkatan know that my heart's desire is to serve You, and the light of my eyes is Pof recherche pseudo Your service. Since You have subjected me to be in the service of people, I am late for Your service. In the ahmmad, he emancipated her and said: If you choose to stay Cinta ahmad mutawakkil tingkatan 5, you are welcome.

However, then I shall serve you. Once while she was in the service of her master she was sent on an errand. Along the way a man accosted her. In fright she fled, slipped and broke her mutawqkkil. Praying to Allah Ta'ala she cried: I am forlorn, without mother and father. Now my hand too is broken. But I do not care for these calamities if You are pleased with me. Are You pleased or displeased with me? Daily she performed a thousand raka'ts Nafl Salaat. When she went for Hajj she took along an emaciated donkey on which was loaded her few belongings. The ass died along the journey. The people accompanying her offered to carry her belongings, but she refused, saying: I did not come relying on you.

With her perfect trust in Allah Ta'ala she supplicated for His aid. Even before completing her dua, the donkey came to life. Rabiah continued her journey and reached Makkah Muazzamah. Rabiah in her yearning for Allah, prayed to be shown His Vision. A Voice said to her: I lack the power for Your Tajalli. I wish for the rank of Faqr i. Faqr is the famine of My Wrath. We have reserved it exclusively for those Men Auliyaa who have completely reached Us. There remains not even the distance of a hair between them and Us. At that juncture, We rebuff them and distance them from Our Proximity. In spite of his, they do not lose hope in Us.

They again commence their journey towards Us. While this is their condition, you are still wrapped in the veils of time. As long as you are with the folds of these veils and have not entered into Our Path with a true heart, it is improper for you to even mention Faqr. As she complied, she observed a vast rolling ocean of blood suspended in space. This is their first stage in their journey to reach Allah. Once, Rabiah overcome with tiredness, fell asleep.

A thief entered and took her shawl, but he was unable to find his way out. When he tingiatan the shawl, he saw the exit. Again he took the shawl and lost the way. He replaced the shawl and saw the way out. He repeated this process several times. Then he heard someone saying: She whose shawl this is, has handed herself over to another Being. Even Shaitaan cannot approach her. A thief is not able to steal her shawl.


Leave it and depart. Once when Rabiah was on a mountain, the wild beasts of the jungle gathered around her and stared at her in wonder. Coincidentally, Hadhrat Hasan Basri appeared on the scene. All the animals scattered and disappeared into the jungle. In surprise he said: Why did they stay with you? It was said to Rabiah: If you remove these worries from me, I shall take a husband. Tell me, will I die with Imaan? On the Day of Qiyaamah will my Record of Deeds be given in my right or left hand? On the Day of Qiyaamah will I be among the people of the right side or the Cinta ahmad mutawakkil tingkatan 5 side?

When asked for the cause of her constant crying, Rabiah said: I fear that at the time of maut I may be rebuffed and it be announced: Thus, sincere repentance indicates acceptance of the taubah. An alert heart is a heart lost in divine absorption. Such a heart is not in need of the aid of other limbs. This stage is called Fana annihilation. When a vain person makes taubah, he should again make taubah for the sin of vanity. Once Rabiah kept seven fasts and spent the entire night Cinta ahmad mutawakkil tingkatan 5 Ibaadat. On the seventh day someone presented her a bowl of milk. When she went to fetch the lamp, a cat came and drank the milk. She decided to break fast with water.

When she brought a cup of water, the lamp was extinguished. As she lifted the cup, it slipped and broke. She drew a sigh and said: What are You doing to me? If you desire the bounties of the world, We shall bestow it to you, but then We shall remove Our love from your heart. Our love and worldly bounties cannot coexist in one heart. Each morning she supplicated: Keep me engrossed in You and do not allow the people of the world to divert me. Once when Hadhrat Hasan Basri went to visit Hadhrat Rabiah, he found one of the wealthy and prominent citizens of Basrah standing with a bag of money, weeping at her door. On enquiring, he said: I know she will refuse it, hence, I am crying.

Do intercede for me. Perhaps she will accept it. I am not aware of its source—whether halaal or haraam? Maalik Bin Dinaar went to visit Rabiah. He found in her home only a partly broken jug which she used for wudhu and drinking water; a very old straw-mat on which she slept and a brick which she used as a pillow. Maalik Bin Dinaar said: Shall I ask them to bring some items for you? Is my Provider, your Provider and the provider of the wealthy not the same Being? He has wished this condition for me and I am pleased with it because it is His pleasure. My duty and my desire on earth are Your remembrance and in the Aakhirah, Your Vision.

You are the Master. Maintain the presence i. When her time to depart from earth was near, the illustrious Mashaa-ikh gathered by her. While they were waiting outside, they heard from within a voice reciting: Return to your Rabb. When they went inside they discovered that Rabiah's soul had taken flight from this world and had reached Allah. In a dream someone asked her: When You had never forgotten this weak woman despite Your remembrance of entire creation, how can she forget You when on earth You were her only remembrance? We must stay away from excessive sugar and fats. We must also stay away from smoking and drinking. This is not only bad for health but also makes us waste our money. We must exercise regularly whether we are young or old.

Exercise can be done indoors or outdoors. Many people like to exercise outdoors because of the fresh air. As students, we should join the sports club in school. Active participation in the sports club helps us to pick up new skills as well as meet new friends. Sports and games help to build team spirit and leadership. A healthy body also creates a healthy mind because when we are fit, we can think better. It is also important that we do things we like. When we do so, we enjoy it and we feel happy. When we are happy, we worry less and we feel less stressed.

In addition, you need to have enough sleep. Normally you should have at least 6 hours of sleep. This will enable your mind and body to rest. If you have sufficient hours of sleep, you will not feel lethargic the next morning, but fresh and alert. We should always take time to rest, relax and recuperate. In a nutshell, staying healthy is the key to achieve success in life. Without a healthy lifestyle, it is impossible to succeed in other areas. Remember to have time for fun, friends and family.

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