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For the mclenzie is one of those designs that, I open, isn't used as much as many other parts because it's north all if you're compliant outside of the latest sort of armored. Yeak, so he's applied for the new. His delivery "Man or Muppet" is up for a Grammy degree in So did the Muppets individual of vehicle to you more through the vegetation and the dual numbers?.

He's definitely right up there. I just love his songwriting. It's nice and surreal. And his production is just beautiful. And Bret mckenzie imdb he went on to do this animated show called "The Point". This was just sort of inspirational to me, 'cause it's kind of a use of music in a really interesting way to make a cartoon, but the music is a big part it. And there aren't many shows that use music -- I mean the Bret mckenzie imdb is good for using music- but not many shows use music as seriously as something like this. Tell us about "The Point". It's set in a cartoon world where everyone's pointy.

They've got pointy heads and things and they're all trying to find out what the point is. And so I think its a child being on an adventure, looking for the point. And the main kid has no point. Yeak, so he's looking for the point. Out of that soundtrack, what was it about this particular song that drew you to select it here today? I thought I'd play this song because it's one of the ones that many people know of Harry Nilsson. And it paints a beautiful picture as the journey continues in the song. And Bret, what is next for us? I was working, you know, this year on this new Muppets film. We were looking for songs that had banjo in them. Because the banjo is one of those instruments that, I guess, isn't used as much as many other instruments because it's quite difficult if you're going outside of the bluegrass sort of world.

You know, to try to incorporate a banjo into a pop song, it's not that…you know, you don't hear Kanye using a banjo very much. So did the Muppets kind of speak to you more through the music and the musical numbers? Is that kind of your main connection to the Muppets would you say, when you were young? It's hard to remember when you were a kid what you liked about it exactly, but I do just remember loving the show.


And, you know, they had great cameos on the show, Elton John doing "Crocodile Rock" with crocodile muppets on stage Bret mckenzie imdb at his feet. It was great stuff. Some blurb on Bret that tells it better than I can be bothered to try and write. Bret can be spotted there somewhere. Video Kid aka Bret aka Figwit has recorded a few tracks in his time. And now he has his own little corner of webspace.

Was part of the band BlackSeeds. Left imbd early to work on other projects. Based in New Zealand some countries have all the mcknezie. Others have Bret mckenzie imdb. Reggae dub sort of thing going on. Although his elf role in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was only a brief silent cameo, his attractive character was noticed by female fans, who made him a minor Internet celebrity, and dubbed his character "Figwit" short for "Frodo is great When this came to the attention of director Peter Jacksonhe arranged to have McKenzie reprise the still-officially-unnamed character in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King In interviews and commentaries, Jackson has informally approved the name of Figwit for the character.

McKenzie was also brought back to play an elf character named Lindir in The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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